5 Day Online Basic Seminar – 10th November 2021


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EXCITING NEW ONLINE CLASS – Creating new opportunities to study the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu, accommodating preferred time zones across the Asia/Pacific region.

It is with great pleasure that we announce, an ONLINE 5-Day seminar for our region, presented by Australian Jin Shin Jyutsu instructor Maria Miniello.

This unique format offers students accessibility and flexibility to learn at a more relaxed pace, with time in between sessions to process, reflect and practice in the comfort of their own home.

Part 1 consists of six sessions spread throughout November (three hours on a Wednesday, and four hours each on Saturday and Sunday). We shall recommence in January 2022 for Part 2, in the same format.

If you are new to the online learning arena, and need help getting started, let us know. It’s easier than it seems and so much fun connecting with students from other regions!

Attending ‘live’ online offers the benefit of a fully interactive experience, and the chance to ask questions and discuss in real-time.

If you are unable to join some of the sessions all enrolled students will receive a copy of the class recording which is available to view for up to 3 months.

*Note: This class is being offered as a complete class package

Class details for Part 1 in November 2021 and Part 2 in January 2022

  • Wednesdays – 3 hours
  • Saturdays and Sundays – 4 Hours

Daily schedule breakdown:

  • 3 – Hour Weekday (Wednesday) Sessions – 3 x 50-minute presentations, + 2 breaks of 15 minutes each
  • 4 – Hour Weekend Sessions – 4 x 50-minute presentations, + 3 breaks – 10mins, 20 mins, 10 mins

Part 1: November 2021

  • Wed 10th / Wed 17th
  • Sat 13th / Sat 20th
  • Sun 14th / Sun 21st

Part 2: January 2022

  • Wed 12th / Wed 19th
  • Sat 15th / Sat 22nd
  • Sun 16th / Sun 23rd

Start Times for the Asia Pacific Region:

*Daylight Saving

  • Western Indonesia – 8am
  • WA, South-East Asia – 9am
  • East Coast Australia – *12noon
  • New Zealand – *2pm

Start Dates & Times for USA and Americas:

  • All classes begin at 8PM EST (New York time)

Part 1: November 2021

  • Tues 9th / Tues 16th
  • Fri 12th / Fri 19th
  • Sat 13th / Sat 20th

Part 2: January 2022

  • Tues 11th / Tues 18th
  • Fri 14th / Fri 21st
  • Sat 15th / Sat 22nd

Asia-Pacific Organisers:

Organiser: Julie Wells
Phone: +64 27 635 2752
Organisers email: admin@jsjmaria.online

Organiser : Greg Jakaria
Phone : +62 815 175 33 898
Organisers email : admin@jsjmaria.online

Student Status

New Student – AUD$1120, Review Student – AUD$755


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